Excel to csv and vcf converter

Excel to csv and vcf is a windows application software that allows the allows the user to convert contacts stored in excel file, to csv and vcf contacts files. The contacts in excel file must have the column names named as Name and Mobile.

Name Mobile
John +91-7093413086
Steven +91-7075694125

As you know every business organization needs an easy technique to broadcast their productivity of company. In these days various ways of marketing such as Gmail, WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook and many other Social media sites that connects you with your business clients and customer. You can use these Social Media Sites for sending important details about your products or company to your target person.

If you have large contacts details in excel file and you wants to import all contacts excel file in your mobile phone, So you can use  Excel to CSV &VCF Converter Application. By using this software you can convert excel file contacts and import in your mobile. So now you can easily send these vCard (Vcf) or Csv to any phone, email, WhatsApp or Twitter or any other accounts via mobile phone in very simple way.

Application easily converts your excel file into CSV & VCF (vCard) contacts file format that attached with name,phone numbers. You can import and save that vCard file in any technology like Windows, Android technology based mobile phone. After converting Spreadsheets to vCards, you can easily transfer via individual contacts to another computer, E-mail, twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites.


Earlier version of Excel with extension .xls

Latest version of Excel with extension .xlsx

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