If your are running a Business, u will have a huge contacts of your customers which are stored in excel files, The contacts in excel sheets are directly imported in your mobile is not possible. You, need to convert those contacts into mobile contacts files. The mobile contacts is in the availability of csv, vcf(vCard) format. If you want to call your customer for the purpose of business, marketing calls, or messages, you need those contacts in Contacts files. The purpose of converting your customers contacts in excel files need a software for conversion. By using the software, you can convert your customer mobile numbers in excel sheet to Vcf or Csv.

The using of Excel to Csv and Vcf Converter enables you to convert your customer contacts in excel files to contacts files format, Which will converts in the form of csv and vcf. The converted files is ready to import into mobile contacts. So, You can call ur customer, Message your customer. You can make PC calls by importing the contact files into a dongle software.